About Us

The Preserve Windansea Beach Association was formed in early 2021 by Windansea residents alarmed at the environmental injustices occurring at this iconic La Jolla beach. 

We can no longer remain silent about the failing infrastructure that threatens safe public access. We will hold the City of San Diego accountable for decades of neglect.  It is the City's responsibility maintain, preserve and protect this natural wonder for the benefit of all, regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, socio-economic status or place of residence.

We are concerned with the City of San Diego’s over-promotion of this tiny half mile stretch of coastline. Windansea beach images are featured heavily in the City's multi-million dollar “Happiness is Calling (You Back)” Campaign and are a magnet for tourists. Generating millions of dollars every year for the City through property taxes,  transient occupancy taxes and tourist revenues, we doesn't see any of this money coming back to Windansea to repair and restore the beach's crumbling infrastructure. Read our "State of The Beach" report to learn more.

As a result of this over promotion the beach has thousands of visitors annually, yet the City provides no amenities at Windansea (one sole porta potty that is NOT ADA compliant).

We are aligned with the California Coastal Commissions Environmental Justice Policy, the rigorous use of science, education and public participation to protect and enhance California's coast and ocean for present and future generations.

We advocate for minimal human alteration of the natural coastline with particular attention to its indigenous and surfing history while maintaining its visual character, infrastructure and safe public access.

We monitor existing structures (fencing, stairways, benches etc.), new development projects and the increasing intensity of human pressure on the sensitive beach bluff.

We launch campaigns opposing environmental injustices and public safety hazards.

Preserve Windansea Beach Association is growing. Our members include Windansea residents, community leaders, La Jollans, inland San Diegans and Californians at large who visit Windansea Beach to recreate and enjoy its open unobstructed vistas and epic sunsets.

Windansea is A Beach For All!

Please Join Us!